Scientific test to show how the water level rises when glaciers and the ice caps melt.

The temperature rises and the ice is melting all over the globe. Many people are afraid that the water level will rise and flood areas of land.
Materials: 2 empty milk containers, to identical containers ( for example an aquarium containing 6 litres), 1 brick, 1 ruler and 2 identical lamp
Procedure: Fill up the milk containers with water and put them in the freezer until the water is frozen. Put the 2 aquariums next to each other. Place the brick in one of them. Put water in one aquarium, so the water level is equal to the top of the brick. Take the ice block out of one of the milk containers and place it on the brick. Put the other ice block in the other aquarium and fill water in it, so the water level is identical with the level in the other aquarium. Turn on the two lamps and place one over each ice block, with the same distance to the ice blocks. Measure the water level before and after the ice is melted.
Does the water level rise in both aquariums when the ice melts? Why/ why not?
How much does the waterlevel rise?
What does this test show about the water level in the oceans, when the ice melts?
Is it true, that the water level in the oceans will rise, when the ice caps on Greenland melt?

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