About Exchanges for All

Exchanges for All is a legal association and an international network of schools, which is implementing free, one-week long, international, art-based camps in school-time for 8th graders (age 14). The camps are taking place ultimo...
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About “Reach Out” research-project

Reach Out 2019-20 – Research Report: “A study of art-based transnational teaching and its implication for student learning and development” “Reach Out” was a strategic partnership with financial support from EU-program “Erasmus+”. It was basically...
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“Art as a Tool”

—A Different Way of Learning— First of all the participative arts as music, dance & theatre are able to involve actively, and together, both academic young people and those who are in danger of dropping...
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“Stop Climate Changes” theme for our projects

Since 2017 all our implemented exchanges have had the theme “Stop Climate Changes” and have started out with a short introduction to topics as a.o. combustions and photosyntese. Later on there are group-work on the...
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Online Projects

Dance against Corona, Collabowrite & Stories from Home are projects initiated or developed in March 2020 due to the threat of Corona-Virus. They were all dealing with on-line art-workshops and communication between workshop-leaders and participants from the exchanges.

Online Dance with Pako from Portugal is an online project, where every school day, EFA schools-parteners can offer their students 30 min of dancing with Pako in school time. This is a result of the partially online EFA project in September 2020. Beacuse the student groups could not travel, we connected online between countries and schools. We had both online and on-location warm-ups, workshops and meetings. We did learn that the students can benefit from great energy also through online medium, and now we are proud to be offering this posibility every day due to financial support from Guldborgsund Municipality.

Picture of warm-up with Pako, from “Reach Out” research-project, 2019


2021 Timetable – Exchanges for All


11-15.1.2021: International evaluation- & planning-meeting in Nykoebing F (DK) – unfortunately forced to happen ONLINE!

26/27.5-1/2.6.2021: 6 Exchanges

17/18-23/24.9.2021: 5 Exchanges

2019-2020: Activities

 2017 – 18: Activities

2016: Activities

2014 – 2015: Activities


During the 5 years, 2015-19, with Exchanges for All cooperation the network has implemented in total 41 youth-exchanges, and more than 2.000 young people have had an experience for their life.

In January 2016 University College Absalon (DK) launched the report “International Exchanges as a Learning Tool”, which may be downloaded from here:  EFA MASTER 11.12.15_disc_bau.

In April 2016 the partnership behind “Exchanges for All” did get approved the project “Let’s do It” from EU-program “South Baltic”, which basically was a training-course for teachers in “International Project-Development and -Implementation”, but also launched the booklet “Let’s do It – Recommendations concerning Student-Mobility for Secondary Schools”, which was printed in 7 languages: DE, DK, EN, LT, LV, PL & SE and may be downloaded from here.

In October 2019 University College Absalon (DK) launched the report “Reach Out – A study of art-based transnational teaching and its implication for student learning and development”, which researched an alternative to the international exchanges: Workshops in schools with artists from other countries. The report may be downloaded from here.

In May and especially in September 2020 our exchanges were cancelled due to Corona / Covid-19, but 21-25.9.2020 we made another alternative to the exchanges and implemented 4 online camps, which were a mix of online cooperation on especially “Stop Climate Changes” and art-workshops, which for some was done online, but for others were directed by visiting workshop-leaders a la the above mentioned Reach Out.