“Art as a Tool”

—A Different Way of Learning—

All our projects, youth-exchanges /mobility-camps and workshops in schools are based on using participative arts as music, dance, drama, circus and visual arts as a tool, and we are first of all doing this, as these are able to involve actively, and together, both academic young people and those who are in danger of dropping out.

Our very experienced workshop-leaders are, together with school-students, establishing a safe, creative space full of joy and high energy, which have been followed by researchers from Danish University College Absalon, who showed, how taking part in Exchanges for All projects creates

  • Well-being
  • Increased learning-motivation

while they a.o. directly is supporting progress concerning foreign language speaking.

Exchanges for All school-cooperation (EFA) has learned this way of working from the Danish association Arttrain, which now a.o. is working as development-unit for EFA, and who for more than 10 years coordinated the European network “Drums for Peace” from where we are borrowing many of the artists.