6 Exchanges in May: 5-12.5.2022

We are so happy to be able to travel again and meet in groups from different countries. Here is a list of the exchanges coming up in May 2022, some information about each camp, the groups that will join and the workshops they can take part in. If nothing else is mentioned each group is formed of 15 students & 2 teachers. Each one of the 6 exchanges brings together …

2022 Calendar

27.2.2022:           Deadline for Erasmus+ conc. mobilities 27.3.2022:           Deadline for Erasmus+ conc. cooperation-projects 5-12.5.2022:        6 exchanges approved 16-23.9.2022:      6 exchanges approved 3-14.10.2022:      Reach Out model at 6 schools in LT+LV 7-18.11.2022:      Reach Out model at same 6 schools in LT+LV 9-13.1.2023:        Planning-meeting in Nykoebing F, DK 10-17.5.2023:      Exchanges