Propaganda (lesson 3)

Falkenbergsskolan, Sweden

After lessons 1 and lesson 2, the students started to work on a project in art class about propaganda, where we combined the previous knowledge with information and new knowledge how propaganda is structured and how it works in the real life (free speech, source criticism – information evaluation and sender – receiver).

Age group: 8th grade
Time; 4×80 minutes
Subjects: Arts (with the underlying work in subjects such as geography, civics – social science, chemistry, physics and biology)

We went on to study the different elements of propaganda, how you can lead people in new thinking patterns and lead people to thoughts and subjects they’ve never even touched down on before. We also looked back historical how propaganda have been used and how it can lead or mislead people in positive/negative ways. The students created their own propaganda with an starting point in the sustainable development section.

In class the main goal is to get knowledge of how propaganda works. And also to construct your own propaganda (in this case about a given subject: sustainable development). Furthermore the students get wider knowledge how people, parties and organisations can make their voices heard and know the structure behind images, adds and graphics you meet in the everyday life (television, newspapers, internet etc.).

Statements from the students:
” In the talks of the environment, Trump… did this dude go to school?”

” It is interesting how you can lead, but I get sad how some mislead for their own gain”

(pictures to be added)

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