Over-fertilization/ Bloom (lesson1)

Falkenbergsskolan, Sweden

Age group: 13-14 years

Time: One schoolclass, 2 hours before, 2 hour visit, 2 hour after

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Geography. You can also include Swedish and English if you write something about the visit

We got contact with our local university; Linnéuniversitetet, what research about changes in the Baltic Sea
· We went to the university with a group of students. First they got a lecture about their work and after that they could see an experiment with mussels.
· They could see two containers with green, bloomed water. In one of the containers they put mussels.
· After two hours the bloomed water with the mussels was compleatly clean and not overfertalizised anymore.
· After cleaning water the mussels can be used to feed hens and also to manure fields.
· The students did also get a tour around the building to watch their resaresh and locals.
· In school we talk a lot of what we could do to stop overfertalization in the Baltic Sea such as nutrients from farmers around the Baltic Sea.
· From cars comes nitrogen that increases the bloom and overfertalization.


What did the students think?

” Interesting to see reality outside school”,

” Science is important-it solves problem”

”Easy to understand the experiment”


Here you can see the bloomed water with mussels inside. In the last container you see clear, fresh water with mussels inside. The first container is the most over-fertilized.

(pictures to be posted)

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