About Exchanges for All

Exchanges for All is a legal association and an international network of schools, which is implementing free, one-week long, international, art-based camps in school-time for 8th graders (age 14). The camps are taking place ultimo...
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About “Reach Out” project & other research

“Reach Out” is, 2018-20, a strategic partnership with financial support from EU-program “Erasmus+”. It is basically a research-project, which will examine the outcomes from having workshops in school with artists from another country.  Researchers from...
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“Art as a Tool” – a different way of learning

First of all the participative arts as music, dance & theatre are able to involve actively, and together, both academic young people and those who are in danger of dropping out. At our youth-exchanges the...
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“Stop Climate Changes” theme for our projects

Since 2017 all our implemented exchanges have had the theme “Stop Climate Changes” and have started out with a short introduction to topics as a.o. combustions and photosyntese. Later on there are group-work on the...
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Online Projects

In the shadow of corona-virus and Covid-19 we have unfortunately been forced to cancel our planned May-exchanges.

Instead we are working online:

Dance against Corona

“Stories from Home”

“Crescendo” (aka “Aparte ma Insieme”)

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Day 5 of "Dance against Corona"Step1-version 2Thank you for the dancing and recordingThanks, workshopleader Daniela for editing.

Slået op af Exchanges for All – International Dimension as a Learning Tool i Fredag den 27. marts 2020


2020-21 Timetable – Exchanges for All

26.5-2.6.2021: 1 exchange has been postponed from Sept. 20, and 5 more have been approved.

11-15.1.2021: International evaluation- & planning-meeting in Nykoebing F (DK)

18-25.9.2020: 3 May-exchanges have been postponed and will take place in September together with 3 more, which recently were approved by Nordplus Junior. If Corona-Virus is still making this impossible we will implement 6 online-exchanges each with 3 workshop-leaders and full school-classes from the respective countries.

12-19.5.2020 5 exchanges has unfortunately been cancelled or postponed due to corona-virus. 

3-14.2.2020: “Reach Out” workshops in schools with artists from another country

6-10.1.2020 International evaluation- & planning-meeting in Nykoebing F (DK)

2019 – Activities

2017 – 18: Activities

2016 – Activities

2014 – 2015:  Activities



During the 5 years, 2015-19, with Exchanges for All cooperation the network has implemented in total 41 youth-exchanges, and more than 2.000 young people have had an experience for their life.

In January 2016 the report “International Exchanges as a Learning Tool” was launched and may be downloaded from here:  EFA MASTER 11.12.15_disc_bau.

In April 2016 the partnership behind “Exchanges for All” did get approved the project “Let’s do It” from EU-program “South Baltic”, which basically was a training-course for teachers in “International Project-Development and -Implementation”.

By September 2019 Exchanges for All network has got approved 5 exchanges for May 2020: 1 in Estonia, 1 in Lithuania, 1 in Denmark and 2 in Liepaja, Latvia.