25-28.11.2014 – pierwsze ponadnarodowe spotkanie partnerów.

16-20.03.2015 – drugie ponadnarodowe spotkanie partnerów 

28/29.5-4.6 Youth-exchanges in Liepaja (LV), Wejherowo (PL) and Stubbekoebing (DK) including research on learning-outcome for the involved students implemented by University College Zealand (DK).

18/19-24/25.9: Youth-exchanges in Reda (PL) and in Klaipeda (LT)

23-26.11.2015 3rd Transnational Partnermeeting & 1st Dissemination Conference

Final report “International Exchanges as a Learning Tool” came in January 2016 and may be downloaded from here:  EFA MASTER 11.12.15_disc_bau.