Reach Out

“Reach Out” is a strategic partnership with financial support from EU-program “Erasmus+”.
It is basically a research-project, which will examine the outcomes from having workshops in
school with artists from another country.
Researchers from University College Absalon (DK) will look at how these workshops are
influencing on well-being and learning-motivation and compare the results with the outcome from
“International Exchanges as a Learning Tool” (January, 2006).
“Reach Out” is coordinated by Stubbekøbing School and involves one more school in
Guldborgsund Municipality + Klaipeda Sendvario Progymnasium (LT) & Wejherowo School no.1
Workshops at schools did take place:
Dissemination-conferences in Klaipeda & Wejherowo will take place in October 2020.