Dance against Corona

When the quaratine started in 2020, and schools were closed, we all needed good energy, movement and friendly smiles, and so Exchanges for All organised the project Dance against Corona, an online cooperation during European lockdown 23/3 – 10/5 2020. There is a warm up, five tutorials with dance steps and a bit of beat-boxing from our Exchanges for All artists, to keep our moods up at home and invite us to be together even with the borders between countries closed.

With or without quaratine, you can watch and learn the moves, and after that you can practice the steps here:

We gathered the received recordings and made a final video with all of them. You can see the video here.

We are not gathering videos anymore, but if you want to send your recording to us, we will be happy to see it, and to know that you are still dancing with us. Have fun and join the dance!

Warm up with Clara:

Learn step 1 with Clara:

Learn step 2 with Pako:

Learn step 3 with Booma:

Learn step 4 with Steve:

Step 5 with Asta:

Here is the music or you can also find it on youtube here.

Take up the track: human-beatbox and a little dance with Mr Jones, from London:

Read more about Online Projects in Exchanges for All:


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