The European network ”Drums for Peace” did start organising artbased, international youth-exchanges in 2001 and during the first 10 years Bo Otterstroem from Danish NGO ”Arttrain” coordinated the work.

Since 2009 Bo Otterstroem has also functioned as project-leader and international coordinator for CultHus, the culture-houses in Nykoebing F, Guldborgsund, DK and made this region a centre for European youth-cooperation.

In 2012 Drums for Peace was constituted as a legal, international association with a paid, international staff, and in 2013 both Liepaja Children & Youth Centre + CultHus became members after having hosted and taken part in exchanges and other activities for several years.

Exchanges for All was a strategic partnership, coordinated by  culture-house-organisation “CultHus” in Guldborgsund (DK) and 2014-16 supported by EU-program “Erasmus+” and did research on the learning outcome from such artbased, international youth-exchanges and did experiment with other ways of organising exchanges in order to keep expenses very low.

Exchanges for All did export such youth-exchanges to the schools as a learning-tool for 8th grade students(age 13-15), and today we speak about “Exchanges for All” as a way of cooperation between schools in different countries.

In 2016 the “Exchanges for All” partnership is happy having got approved a 2-year long project “Let’s do It” from EU-program “South-Baltic”, which is basically a training for school-teachers on international project-development and -implementation, but also includes a row of hands-on-trainings / exchanges with you people involved.

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