Waste fashion show (workshop)

Workshop: From waste to fashion

Time: 4 days

Age group: 12-16

Everybody likes fashion and fashion shows. But fashion is not only nice, it creates a lot of waste, when people buy new clothes very often.
So why not make fashion out of old materials like old clothes and even waste!
The main idea was to combine two important things-do something against careless treatment of our environment and creating fashion without buying new material.
Our school had started a city cleaning action before on 28th April 2017 which was very successful.
We – seventeen students of grades 7-10 – started sorting the bags to see what we could use for our fashion show, it was a lot!Then we started to make new things out of old ones. We met in the afternoons , discussed our ideas and started the “production”. It was amazing to see the results. After four workshops we finished our work and were ready for a waste fashion show.

After presenting our fashion in front of some school classes we went to a central meeting of students representatives in Güstrow. There we showed the participants how we do something against climate change and for our environment.

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