Project “Let’s start sorting the waste!”

Learning Goals: To give information about the importance of waste sorting, to develop citizenship and improve waste sorting skills.

Duration: 1 academic year.

Age: 11-14

Description of the steps:
1.Lecture “Waste sorting in Klaipėda region”.
A lecturer from Klaipėda Region Waste Management Centre was invited.
2. Quizzes based on the lecture material in the classes.
3. Making the posters about global warming and the ways to reduce it.
4. Providing classes and canteen by three-colour rubbish bins for sorting paper, plastic and glass.
5. Placement containers for waste disposal at schoolyard.
6. Excursion “Where does our waste go?” Visiting large-scale waste delivering sites in Klaipeda and eco – friendly landfill in Dumpiai.
7. Participation in the competition organized by the municipality “We love clean Klaipėda“.




Result: 5-8 formers have joined the waste sorting activities at school. Following the way of their collected waste to the landfill, the students realized that the sorted waste was managed more efficiently, stored and purposefully prepared for recycling. Energy and people’s work were saved.
Participation in the project helped the students to realize that they were responsible for the future of their own and, at the same time, for the future of all inhabitants of the planetletsdoit-. Each personal contribution could have an impact on reducing global warming.
The project participants formed three teams and participated in the city‘s schools competition “We Love Clean Klaipėda”. Their knowledge was superb: the 6th class team won the 1st place and was awarded 800 euros, the 8th class team won the third place and received 250 euros, and the 7th class team was the seventh out of 16 school teams of Klaipėda city. The students decided to use their cash award for local excursions.



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