Learning about ecological farming (visit)

A visit to MELA- an agricultural exibition
About 60 primary school children went to the exhibition of agriculture, food, fishing, forest and gardening.
All the students started for the day excursion at eight in the morning. They went to Mela by bus. After arriving there they first went round the exhibition. During their walk they got a lot of information that could be used for a quiz afterwards. They learned about ecological agriculture and gardening.
The main important question is: Where do all the products come from? Everybody should buy regionally produced food which saves energy for transport and is good for the environment.
Then they learned about energy saving and energy production in agriculture. Many farmers use solar energy panels for energy supply. There are more and more farms that produce energy from liquid manure. The most important fact is that they try to use renewable resources.
The pollution of the environment during the last decades was a result of the use of fertilizers which were often poisonous. There is a real change today because the customers force the farmers.
During their visit the primary school students learned more about dairy farming. They were also informed about the problems of milk production. Too many people want to buy cheap milk products and that makes it hard for the farmers. They also learned how important it is to treat the resources more carefully which means not to waste food.
All the little steps help.
It was a fantastic day for all the kids , learning about farming outside their classrooms.

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