Climate Changes

The climate on the earth is changing. A constant change, which happens naturally, but man has also had a big influence on these changes, too for the last 200 hundred years. The past years` intense debate on the climate has brought focus to man´s possible part of the climate changes. At the same time some natural climate changes happen. It isn´t always easy to navigate the heated up climate debate.The purpose of this lesson plan is, that you can explain and estimate the different issues of the climate debate. And furthermore state your own point of view regarding climate changes.

Learning goals

>I can giv examples on how man has an impact on the climate
>I can conduct an experiment, which shows the greenhouse effect
>I can analyse the background to the different opinions on the climate changes.
>I can explain the correlation between the greenhouse effect, the atmosphere and the climate changes.

Read the following text:
“What is The Greenhouse Effect?”

Make the experiment:
“The greenhouse effect on glas”

Recreate the greenhouse effect in this simple experiment

Background: The greenhouse effect is both something good and bad. It is important for life on earth, that the greenhouse effect is a part of keeping the average temperature of the Earth at a bearable level. Water vapor is the most significant greenhouse gas. We human beings have no further impact on the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. Problems occur if the greenhouse effect due to different reasons become a little too efficient, so an actual global warming happens.
But how does the greenhouse effect really work?

I need:
– Two small thermometers one glas container
– A clock/watch
– A powerful lamp

Show the greenhouse effect

1.Look at the attachment “the greenhouse effect on glas”
2. Place the thermometers slightly separated under the lamp.
3. Wait a couple of minutes.
4. Read the temperatures on the two thermometers and take notes on time and temperatures write on the work sheet
5. Next you put the Glas container over the one thermometer. If the thermometer is too long to be lying down, you can put it vertical under the Glas container. Make sure nothing throws a shadow on the experiment. 6. Read the temperatures on the two thermometers with one minute apart for ten minutes and note the temperatures on the work sheet.

Reprocessing /The subsequent processing
1.Discuss in the group what happened with the temperature.
2.What happened to the temperature on the thermometer under the Glass container compared to the thermometer which was outside the Glass container.
3. How does this experiment illustrate the processes which happen in connection with the greenhouse effect?

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