A lesson plan about Climate Change

Age group: 8th grade

As underlying basis we work with the statements, which come from different organisations ( IPCC, DMI and others).
We will watch what various media put out there.
The students read articles from DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute), and we will have a general discussion about, what is wright and wrong in these information.
We work together to explain different concepts as:climate index, changes in the temperature, the amount of downpour, severe weather, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, increase in population, consumption patterns, what might happen in the future, and other things.
The students will orally present their point of view on this matter.
The sources we will use (e.g. Youtube.com) will be subject to source criticism.
We will explore what the possibillities are for us to have a positive impact on the climate changes: reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, changing consumption patterns, changing our food habits, and other things.
Which steps do the Danish Government take to make an impact on the cliamte changes in a positive way?

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